Advancing Diversity, Inclusion, and Opportunities for Financial Services Professionals in Northern California


The National Association of Securities Professionals – Northern California “NASP NORCAL” is a non-profit membership organization focused on advancing diversity, inclusion, and opportunities for Financial Services Professionals in Northern California.

The NASP Northern California Chapter community strives to:

Create a vibrant forum to connect NASP members to industry leaders, business opportunities and one another.

Advocate for policies and business practices consistent with diversity and inclusion (DEI) best practices.

Provide career-building educational opportunities.

Foster awareness about the value and benefits of diversity and inclusion to the financial services industry.

Create and support programs, such as FAST Track, to empower, educate, and advance the next generation of women and minorities in the financial services industry.


NASP is a national organization designed to help minorities and women achieve inclusion, advancement, and empowerment in the financial services industry. NASP was founded in Chicago in 1985 by Maynard H. Jackson, Felicia Flowers-Smith, Joyce M. Johnson & Donald Davidson. Headquartered in Washington DC, NASP has a membership of 600 diverse professionals. NASP has been engaged in the work of advocating for increased diversity in the finance industry for nearly 38 years. NASP is further strengthened by a network of 11 local chapters in major cities and financial centers throughout the United States. Learn more about NASP here:


As a professional organization, NASP serves as a resource for minority professionals within the securities and investment industry by providing opportunities to share information about the securities markets, including functioning as a repository for information regarding current trends, facilitating fundamental educational seminars, and creating networking opportunities.

Our Objectives

To pursue the highest standards of professionalism and excellence among NASP members

To achieve equal opportunity for minorities and women in the financial services industry

To foster the growth and development of minorities and women; of minority-controlled and women-controlled institutions in the financial services industry

To enhance communication among members

To increase public awareness, especially among minorities and women, of public and private finance career opportunities

To pursue progressive and balanced policies affecting public and private finance


Senior Vice President, Marketing & Client Service Leading Edge Investment Advisors, LLC

Antoinette Bing



Jonathan Tong


Client Relationship Manager, Senior Vice President
Capital Group

Kelly McKale



Sam Austin

FAST Track Program Director



The Finance and Scholastic Training (FAST) Track Program is a rigorous program that exposes talented women and minority high school students to the world of business and finance. During the school year, students meet with mentors once a month to focus on developing skills in two key areas: financial literacy and career/personal development.

Fast Track participants have an opportunity to learn from and interact with a dedicated group of mentors who have careers in the financial services industry. Our mentors are an invaluable resource to our students. They are available to explain business concepts, provide guidance and advice, and review college application essays. Long lasting bonds are established, and some students continue to interact with mentors years after they have completed the program.

Program Goals and Objectives:

Identify and expose women and minority high school students to the financial services industry and other industries that finance directly and positively affects.

Enhance academic, career, and personal development skills.

Provide mentoring, professional development, promote financial literacy, and encourage students to consider a career in finance, investments, banking, accounting, economics, or other related fields.

Program Components

Informational sessions on stocks, bonds, personal finance, business operations, real estate, technology, and how these instruments enhance the business environment domestically and abroad.

Comprehensive review of resume writing, interviewing, networking, business etiquette, and public speaking techniques.​

On-site tours and visits to financial and educational institutions.​

Interaction with mentors and visiting professionals from the financial services industry.​

Summer internship and scholarship opportunities for top students!


Get Involved

There are a number of ways to engage the chapter:


Individual Membership

Based on years of industry experience

Associate Membership

Trustee, Government Employee, Regulatory Agency Employee

Student Membership

Full-time undergraduate and graduate students.

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